Nov 5, 2008

Welcome to The Ecuadorian Adventure

This blog will chronical my travels this winter in Ecuador. I am a kayaker and adventurer. This promises to be my biggest adventure, yet. This trip is made possible in part by these fantastic sponsors: Jackson Kayak, Snapdragon Sprayskirts, Stohlquist Waterware. Special thanks goes to: Immersion Research, and AT Paddles! Stay tuned, I leave Nov 11!



Bill said...

Happy trails Brett. Thanks for all you've done for the paddling family here in the Northwest. Have a great time and she better be a damn hot Princess if she keeps you from coming home. :) Love you man -- Bill

Ashley said...

Mr. Brett. I hope you have an absolutely amazing time. Looking forward to lots of pictures and stories.


Darcy said...

Hey Brett and Becky,

Sorry we missed you when you came by for the guidebooks. Next time you are in the Quijos Valley, give me a call 08 811 0451, and stop by for a tour of the lodge and a nice dinner (or at least a drink).

I hope you are having a great time paddling in Ecuador!

Darcy with Small World Adventures

Melina said...

Hi brett and Becky! Let's update this blog, eh? Some of us kayakers are starving in the New England Winters and waiting to live vicariously through you!


waterwacko said...

Thanks y'all. Internet has been a bit shakey down here, but we found out the neighbor has wireless. Score!

Darcy- thanks for the invite. We're going to Quito for the bullfights, but will be back to the Quijos for some boating. I'll call you then.

- Brett