Nov 30, 2008

Nov 14 Quijos valley to Tena

This guy can ferry.

It takes awhile and I'm still groggy from the plane, but we get a shuttle together and do the Jatunyacu. Awesome big water run with several really good play holes and waves with eddies. On the way to the put-in, there were two trucks worth of boats and boaters we were interrupted by a group of angry locals who were acting a bit like a militia. They were claiming they worked for the government building bridges, but the government wasn't paying them... so we had to. Immediately one of the local guys who was with us, Jamie (hi-may), jumped out of the truck and started yelling and arguing with the 'militia'. They had thrown a bunch of big rocks into the road so we couldn't drive through. The whole scene was a bit surreal and a little entertaining. They were barking real loud, so was Jamie, but neither side was going to do anything unless we tried to move the rocks. I didn't understand what anyone was saying so I just sat back and listened. Becky was sitting next to me and she was freaked. I tried to calm her down by telling her nothing was going to happen, but it didn't do much.

It was a tense situation, but we wound up turning around and going to a different put-in. Jamie was so mad at those guys. I found out later they are actually a family who live nearby and come to this particular spot to ransom money from people, especially kayakers. They say it is their road and we have to pay if we want to use it. Entertaining, but sad. These people were teaching their children that this is the way to live. There were probably 20 adults and 10-15 children under 10.

A cool slot canyon you can walk into, riverside.

After boating there are plenty of cervezas and dancing. The canucks have been partying a bit more than we had to this point and the next morning they are looking a bit worse for wear. Jenny has come down with a nasty stomach bug and is out for boating pretty much the whole trip.

At the end of the trip you might even see some doggies on top of a building.


Monique said...

Wow Brett! Sounds like you're having an amazing adventure. BTW..the kitties are doing great.

waterwacko said...

Thanks for letting me know. I've been meaning to check on them. I had a feeling Pounce wouldn't be too mean. Looks like you had an adventure of your own.

Melina said...

Hey Brett, crazy times! I'd be scared shitless just like Becky. One question...I can't find the 'follow this blog' button but I want to follow it! any ideas? Oh, and I'll be in Chile starting in January so we'll both be south of the border together!