Jan 25, 2009

Adventure Anew

I'm not sure how I feel about leaving. I really enjoy the weather, people, boating options (duh). The food is great. And just the overall coolness of Ecuador makes me want to stay and keep exploring. Only so much time left and what I never saw I'll just have to see next time. I'm looking forward to something new. I've been thinking about all the snow back home. I've also been thinking about where I want to live. Decisions, decisions. Life's full of 'em.

I'm in Quito now, at The Magic Bean, a great hostal in the tourist area of town. I went with Abe and Carolina to the Papallacta Hot Springs on the way. What an awesome way to utilize a natural resource. Well done Ecuador.

On this adventure I saw the Upper Jondachi. What a world class run and a special place to see. I'll save the description. Go see it. It's worth it. I'm telling you. Come to Ecuador. It's worth it, I'm telling you. Hear are some highlights. Good times. Good people.

Also, the editor isn't working quite right. You might notice some pics are sideways. Alter your monitor for best viewing.

Local plays Sam's harmonica at the put in for the Piatua.

Jaime, Becky, and I wait for the taxi at yet another take out. sigh...

Thanks, Ecuador.

Cops take down another mouthy so-an-so... to spray stuff in his pants! Sucka, what?

Are you ready to rummmmblllllllllee??

More excitement in Columbia.

Look out!!

Cool stuff everywhere you are.

This is what it looks like when you're waiting for the bus.

Jeff says Ecuador will open your eyes. Wake up, fool!

Me takin' it at the hole in Birthday Cake on the Mishualli. Damn.


Papallacta Hot Springs

One of the pools at Papallacta Hot Springs. Go. Don't dilly dally.

A view from the main road.


Darcy said...

Hey Brett,
I hope you are doing alright re-adjusting to the Seattle life.

I just wanted to give a quick "Save the Jondachi" plug here. You probably know there is a dam proposed on the Upper Jondachi. This dam would effectively ruin both the Upper and Lower Jondachi, which you know is a tragedy from both a kayaking and an ecological perspective. There is a group working to save the Jondachi. It's called "Amigos Del Rio Jondachi." Right now, the best thing you and your friends can do is to buy some really cool Jondachi T-shirts--designed by Small World Adventures guides. They are $15 each and all the money goes to the Amigos Del Rio Jondachi fund to fight the dam. So rally your kayaking buddies and let me know how many you want:)

I'm coming back to Washington March 3rd and will bring the shirts back with me then.
Thanks for your support.
Darcy (and Small World Adventure)

Anonymous said...

Brett -
Great work revealing the amazing adventure you've had. Beautiful world out there.

Give us a ringaling for some skiing when you're back in S-town.


Anonymous said...
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